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Sacrifice Remembered


I am excited to announce my next book, Sacrifice Remembered!


This book focuses on the posthumous awards of the Purple Heart medal during the Second World War. I have worked very hard to not only make this the finest book on United States military medals from the World War Two time period, but also a fitting tribute to the brave men who fought and died for our country.  

Sacrifice Remembered is available on Amazon

An introduction from the dust jacket: 

A military medal is simply a slab of metal attached to a colored piece of cloth. The significance of the object, however, is far more important. A medal is tangible proof of someone’s courage - sometimes at the cost of their life. In those instances, that medal might be the last material thing with which to remember their sacrifice.

This book explores posthumous awards of the Purple Heart, the United States’ oldest military decoration. Through the biographies of over three hundred men who were awarded the Purple Heart after they were killed in action, this book conveys the meaning and importance of this medal and what it represents.

Additionally, the variations, types, engraving styles, and manufacturing differences are examined at a level of detail never before published to give the reader a full appreciation of the development of the medal and how it changed over time to become the medal we know today.

Sacrifice Remembered is a key reference across the historical research spectrum: from museums maintaining Purple Hearts in their collections to historians, researchers, and collectors seeking to appreciate essential details about the medal.

Most importantly, families searching to discover their genealogical history will gain a better understanding of the tremendous sacrifices made by those who came before them.

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