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Errata and Addendum


I worked very, very hard to make the book the best it could be, but with a project compiled over such a long amount of time, there are bound to be errors that slipped by even the most thorough of proof readers, errors on my part as an author, and additional material that has surfaced since the book was completed. I have identified the following and welcome feedback for any additional corrections needed. Ideally, these will be corrected in a subsequent printing. 


If you come across any others, please contact me and let me know!


The list of errors and additions:


Dedication - Sadly, the name of Garnett C. DeBaun and date of death of Sept. 2, 2015, should be added.


Page 139 - Albert Friday’s Medal of Nakhimov is listed in the caption as being number 5600, when it is actually 5589.

Page 141 - Arthur McDonald’s Medal of Nakhimov is listed in the caption as being number 5590, when it is actually 5600.

Page 181/182 - The captions of two images were switched. The caption on page 182 should be on page 181 and vice versa.

Page 306 - Due to my reliance on what I wrote instead of the images (a failure on my part) the observed serial numbers for the Medal of Nakhimov should read 5589 for Albert Friday and 5600 for Arthur McDonald. Note also that, because of the correct numbering, paragraph †† is, for the most part, moot. My sincere apologies are offered to my dear friend Nikolai Efimov for my incorrect statement.

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