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Below is a list of the known U.S. Navy Armed Guard participants in the early (1941-1943) Arctic convoys PQ-8 through PQ-18. Note: these lists should not be considered all-inclusive for many of the ships as not all of the muster sheets are available in the National Archives and some of the muster sheets are difficult to read, thus leading to possible omissions. When the muster sheet was missing, or there were significant irregularities, I also used the Award Board recommendation. Unfortunately, that document was often a carbon copy of the original and likewise were difficult to read (considering an "e" would sometimes look like a "c" or an "o" and so on.) Finally, some of the musters and Award Board documents have different spellings of different names, which adds to the confusion. Thus, I have made every effort to make a correct transcription, but I am certain errors exist. Any corrections should be forwarded to me, and I will make them.


Also, note that some minor changes may have occurred from the time the muster report was taken and the actual composition of the AG crew due to wounds, sickness, transfers, etc. as well as failing to list the communications personnel in some instances. There were two forward staging areas for Armed Guard personnel; one in England the other in Iceland, where replacements were on hand. However, these replacements were not included on the original US departure muster sheet and thus are not present in some of the files. Likewise, due to ships sinking as well as occasional transfers between ships in Russia, the composition of the AG crews in the QP (returning) convoys may not have been exactly the same as those for the PQ convoys. I would estimate that these lists are approximately 95% accurate where the information is available. The ranks/rates following the names of each member of the AG crew are those they held at the time of the convoy. When available, the master (captain) of the ship is noted.


This page is a work in progress and will continue to be expanded over time. I sincerely appreciate the assistance of Jos Odijk with additional names and corrections from his convoy database. PLEASE NOTE: If any of these men are still alive, please contact me!


Convoy participants who received medals from the Soviet government in 1944 and 1945 are denoted with an *.


Convoy PQ-8                        16 Dec 1941 - 19 Jan 1942


SS Larranaga

Harold Abner Axtell, Jr. Ensign, AGO

Dalton Leslie Dunn

Raymond Jacques

Claude F. Allison

W.F. MacGregor

Tony Manifold

Jack Bunch

Charles Moore

Joe Mauro


Convoy PQ-11                        6-28 February 1942


SS City of Flint

Robert J. Ahern, Ensign, AGO

James F. Neubauer, S1c

Edmund B. Mazzei, S1c

William J. Zenner, Cox

Arthur Moran, S1c

Adrian A. Nigro, S1c

John I. Nevin Jr., S1c

Edward C. Marman, S1c

Joseph P. Spollen, S2c

Frank Smith, AS

David Eugene Rouse, AS


Convoy PQ-13                        18-30 March 1942


SS Dunboyne

Master: Earnest Prather

Rufus T. Brinn, Ensign, AGO*

Eaton P. Decottes, BM1c*

Edwin B. Newman, Cox*

Gustav W. Schill, GM3c*

Edward C. Hoban, GM3c*

Thomas J. Dixon, GM3c*

Julian D. Pylant, S1c

Peter L. Price, S2c

Gabriel G. Franzeo, S2c

Edgar Smith, S2c

Clarence L. Smith Jr. S2c


SS Effingham

Master: J. P. Drotning

James Gamblin, Ensign, AGO

Willis C. Gregory, Cox

David L. Adkinson, AS

Thomas B. Usher, S2c

Charlie B. Covington, AS

Charles T. Fletcher, S2c

William J. Gurganus Jr., AS

James Clark, AS

John Guthrie, AS


SS Eldena

Master: Ole M. Nilsen

Frederick S. Fink, Ensign, AGO*

Francis Marion Shipley Jr. Cox*

Paul Koening Harkey, AS

John Lanier Haynes, AS

Cole Junior Jones, AS

Ben Joseph Kelly, AS

Robert Sidney Latimer, AS

Timothy Francis McGrath, AS

Rudolph Manor, AS

Mathew Taylor Connell, RM2c

John Frederick Sargent, SM3c


SS Mormacmar

Master: Patrick Driscoll

Harrison Smith, Ensign, AGO*

John Walter Mellor, Cox

Herschel Joseph Lee Jr., AS

Joseph John Cotter, S1c

Mark Orville Lewis, AS

Louis S. Loeffelholz, AS

Timothy Benedict Lenihan, AS

Jarry Junior Lergner, AS

J. B. Smith, S1c


Convoy PQ-14                        8-19 April 1942


SS West Cheswald

Master: N. S. Baker

Walter J. Gudat, Ensign, AGO*

Harry Parks Wilson, Cox*

Richard Gordon Evans, S2c

Albert Laverne Duciaome, S2c

John William Edrington, S2c

Robert Katel England, S2c

Ralph Anthony Augustine, S2c

Frederick Arthur Anderson, S2c

Harvey Schmidt, S2c

Ernest Lee Fox, SM2c

William Henry Caldwell, RM3c


SS Yaka

George T. Smith, Ensign, AGO*

Hugh Ludwig McLean, AS

William Matthews Moore, AS

Vance Thomas Murdock, AS

Dudley Booze Nelson, AS

Patrick Henry O’Kain, AS

William Nelson Outlaw, AS

Leon Wesley Page, AS

Gifford Harmon Starnes, GM3c*

Thomas Walker Almond, S2c

Robert Vernon Campbell, S2c


Convoy PQ-15             21 March - 6 May 1942


SS Alcoa Rambler

Master: E. Henke

(AG crew unknown; first muster available is dated 8/12/42, following their return from the USSR)


SS Bayou Chico         

Master: Alfred Nilsen

Ralph Joseph Van Deuren, Ensign, AGO

Leo James Earner, GM3c

George Alfred Crippen, S2c

Kenneth Harold Corns, S2c

James Earl Copeland, S2c

Harold Herman Thillmann, S2c

William Charles Schaefer, S2c

Claude Ernest Snead, AS

Charles Eugene Stull, Cox

Robert Weston Haack, S2c

Joe Guido, S2c

Eric Ellsworth Hanes Jr., S2c

Palmer Franklin Hanson, S2c

Charles Veral Valentine, S2c

Henry George Villnock Jr., S2c

Roland Ovila Berthiaume, S2c


SS Capira

Master: Ejnar Jensen

Raymond Edgar Combs, Ensign, AGO

Alva Blake Garner, Cox

Marvin Addison, S2c

Marion Ainsworth, S2c

Edgar Lipe Baker Jr., S2c

Edward McNeill Booker, S2c

Lewis Clayton Brewer, S2c

Charles Henry Kelly, S2c

Emory Eugene Rich, S2c

Roy Edgar Shaver, S2c

Herman Tate Zellars, S2c

Walter Joy Scott, S2c

Lewis Thomas Creech, S2c


SS Deer Lodge

Thomas Edward Delate, Ensign, AGO*

Byron Foster Roy, Cox

Hubert Lemaster, AS

Stanley S. Meadows, AS

John Haywood Minshew, AS

David Phillip Riley, S2c

James Edwin Hoferrin, AS

Charles Franklin Onstott, S2c

Robert Wayne Prescott, S2c

Ora LeRoy Beal, SM3c

William Kodad, RM3c


SS Expositor         

Master: J.C. Klepper

Robert B. Ricks, Ensign, AGO*

Joseph O’Savage, Cox*

Milton Mosier Jr., AS

Harmon Harwood Thomas, AS

Arthur E. Willox, AS

Wesley James Griffin, S2c


SS Francis Scott Key

Jules Hirsch Bloch, Ensign, AGO*

Renald Henry Blake Jr., GM2c*

Dean Willis Clark, S2c

Delford Harold Curson, S2c

John Henry Cox, S2c

Lawrence Collins, S2c

Joseph Peter Chromchak, S2c

Ned Lloyd, AS

Tillett Morand Davidson, AS


SS Hegira        

Master: Carl D. Comer

Jefferson D. Copeland Jr., Ensign, AGO

William Link Lane, Cox

William Rodger Cain, S2c

Edgard Hans B. Carlsen, S2c

James Edmond Connell Jr., S2c

Bobbie Clifford Hilson, S2c

Barney Kinsey Rains, S2C


SS Lancaster

Master: A.M. Mortenson

Paul F. Meehan Jr., Ensign, AGO

Russel Odell Scarbrough, Cox

Robert Hunter Harris, S2c

Alton Wayne Hellams, S2c

Edward Carlman Hiatt, S2c

Pearson Napolean Holloway, S2c

Warren Hamilton Irwin, S2c

Charles Francis Isreal, S2c


SS Mormacrey

Master: Bernard Kelly

John M. Nisbet, Ensign, AGO

Jerome Malforti, Cox.

Charles T. Johnson, AS

Elbert Lee Stocks, AS

Charles Brittain Elrod, AS

William Smiley Jones, AS

Arthur Joseph Eisele, AS

Robert Montague Anderson, S2c

Sylvester Humbert George, S2c


SS Mormacrio

Wilbur P. Collins, Ensign, AGO*

John Nelon McLeod Jr. GM3c

Raymond Kenneth Rahn, S2c

George Robert Rees, S2c

Eugene Emmett Regan, S2c

Donald Berdell Thompson, S2c

Arthur Henry Probert, S2c

William Russell Pottger, S2c

Lester Kenneth Van Buskirk, S2c


SS Paul Luckenbach

Robert D. Law, Ensign, AGO

John Steve Kratky, Cox

Hilary Elmo Huffman, S2c

Roy Surgeon Flint, AS

Oather Eddie Drake, AS

Booner Briggs Ferrell, AS

Iverson Francis Dorsey, AS

Samuel Bruce Dickerson, AS

Matthew Haywood Denning, AS

Delbert Ferrel Clutter, AS

Lloyd J. Blanchard, S2c


SS Seattle Spirit

Master: E. W. Myers

Wilbur Y. Bullock, Ensign, AGO

Charles E. Senovitz, Cox

Oliver Cote, RM2c

Charles Edgar Lorenz, SM3c

Warren Clifford Yarnell, S2c

John Paul Nowak, S2c

Joseph Anthony Adamick, S2c

George Vernon Amundson, S2c

Frank N. Wudarksi, S2c

Frank Zuffinetti, S2c

Donald Lee Wylder, S2c


SS Texas (muster from immigration records, thus no ranks)

H.M. Beissmer Jr., AGO

Leonard Ryan

Billie Damesworth

Henry Kuepfer

Leo Kula

Peter Kranik

Robert Lairmore

Howard Kober

Norman Krack

Dale Lambert

Vincent Kneller

Edmund Kruzik

Robert Nichols

Ralph Newhouse

James Jackman

Robert Brown

Thomas Burns

Joseph Bursing

William Bush


SS Zebulon B. Vance (this list was particularly difficult to read)

Marcel Desgalier Jr., Ensign, AGO*

Charles Monroe Pennington, Cox

Sheldon Francis Rauh, GM3c

Robert Eugene Hallisey, S2c

Simon Daniel Nettles, AS

John Wilkins Pettus, AS

Thomas Elmer Reid, AS

William Clark Rice, AS

John William Rhodes, AS

Cross R. Rogers Jr., AS

Champ Seely, AS

John Wilfer Smith, AS

Claude Ernest Snead, AS

Herbert Calvin Toussaint, S2c

James Reginald Ware, S2c


Convoy PQ-16             20 May - 1 June 1942


SS Alamar

Master: R.E. Nystrom

William C. Gibson Jr., Ensign, AGO

James Alvin Jackson, AS

Gordon Erskine Justice, AS

Jackson Turner Harden, AS

George Marvin Jackson, AS

Joseph John Gioia, AS

Thomas Allen Grattan, S2c

Walter Joseph Daperasky, S2c

Charles Joseph Hayes, S2c


SS Alcoa Banner (communications detachment only)

Master: William Warnell

Charles E. Melvin, SM3c

Armand F. Lucci, RM3c


SS American Robin (muster from immigration records, thus no ranks, also tough to read)

Norman O.W. Adams, Ensign, AGO*

William Cartleberry

Charles Chromister

William Crabtree

Cosmo Decardo

William Eustace

Fred Gross

Richard Sego


SS City of Joliet

Master: Albert Miller

John G. Grotenrath Jr., LT(jg), AGO*

James Eugene Barbee AS

James Joseph Barbier, AS

Bud Ray Barton, S2c

Raymond Wallace Beach, AS

Raymond Joseph Henry, AS
Aubrie Grady Mears, S2c

Louis Dias Morales, AS

William Stewart Sharp, Cox*

George John Corrigan Jr., S2c

Paul Sebastian Gianfriddo, S2c


SS Exterminator

Master: R. Kelsoe

(No record of AG onboard.)


SS Hybert

John C. Guibert, Ensign, AGO

William Pike Browne, S2c

David Lee Thorley, S2c

Thomas Joseph Collins, AS

Robert Edward Chaisson, AS

James L. Penland, AS

James Edgar Pinkston, AS

Jesse Franklin Wilson, AS

Ivery Francis Hodges, AS


SS John Randolph

Master: Paul Mugge

Alexander E. Andersen Jr., Ensign, AGO

Lawrence Thomas Garvey, AS

Charlie Boaz Hill Jr., AS

Martin Victor Kloss, AS

John Peter Madsen, AS

Thomas Francis Munks, AS

Sam Davis, AS

Arnold M. Hintzman, RM3c

Thomas Stokely Stone, SM3c


SS Massmar

William A. McDowell, Ensign, AGO

Leon William Johnson, S2c

Elmer Roger McCarty, S2c

Jack Earl Metcalf, S2c

Lorenzo Martin, S2c

William Harold Deyak, S2c

Albert Dugan, S2c

Odis Carrel Spikes, S2c

William Burkhalter Jr., S2c


SS Mauna Kea

Master: W.A. Shea

Robert Gunn Crawford, Ensign, AGO

Newton Davis Neely, S2c

Ronnie Cornelius Pierce, S2c

Leonard Guy Hill, S2c

John Franklin Nix, S2c

Yancy Elbert Pickens Jr., S2c

Cecil Maurice Pinholster, S2c

John Robert Kraai, S2c

Frederick John Stemmler, S2c

Arthur Daniel Manning, S2c


SS Michigan

Arthur Daniel Maddalena Jr., Ensign, AGO*

George James Norton, GM3c*

Donald Eugene Corp, AS

Fred Alton Couch, AS

John Edward Craig, AS

Gerald Erwin Cox, AS

Marvin Dale Coslet, AS

Allen Ray Denning, AS

Ashby Reynolds Tippett, S2c


SS Minotaur

Master: H.C. Sweeney

John D. Edmond, Ensign, AGO

Donald John Doucette, GM3c

Melvin Bates, S2c

Leonard David Nelson, Cox

Anthony August Bamburger, S2c

Lawrence Joseph Barton, S2c

Carl Witt Best, S2c

Irvin Felix Dapore, S2c

Clayton Allen Cross, S2c

Daniel Glendyn Bandy, S2c

Richard Eugene Mason, SM3c

Henry Karsemeyer, RM1c

Robert Owen Beckwith, S2c

Ernest Charles Stanzione, S1c

Gayno John Morgan Jr., AS


SS Mormacsul

Master: John H. Nygren

Frank P. McConnell, Ensign, AGO

C.D. Bagwell, Cox

Edgar Marion Starling, AS

Willard Freeland Sisk, AS

Vernon C. Southerland, AS

Robert Eskridge Twilla, AS

Hugh Albert Thomerson, AS

John Arthur Mollick, S2c

Elio Bacchilega, RM3c


SS Nemaha

George Richard Hoell, Ensign, AGO

Amos Burton Lein, Cox

Carol Vance Haskett, S2c

William Oscar Kelley, S2c

Henry Clay O’Pry Jr., S2c

John William Sprouse, S2c

Nemrod Clar Stringer, S2c

Lloyd Layton Sykes, S2c

James Brooks Tyler, S2c

Lawrence Jendryczak, S2c

Herbert Ervin Wise, S2c


SS Richard Henry Lee

Howell S. Murray, Ensign, AGO*

Fred Johnson Jr., S2c

Edward Milton Harchenhorn, S2c

Millard Leroy Winfrey, S1c

Forest Leland Kelley, S2c

Gordon James Davis, S2c

Jesse Key Woody, S1c

Tamplet Von Steuben Mustard, RM3c

Paul Edward Krause, SM3c


SS West Nilus

John F. Young, Ensign, AGO

James L. Harper, AS

Wayne P. Jarrard, AS

William H. Lewter, AS

Carl F. Moree, AS

Roy William Perkins, AS

Barden Strickland, AS

Thomas Mount Bass, S2c

Victor Charles Fender, S2c.

Convoy PQ-17                         3-5 July 1942


SS Alcoa Ranger (communications detachment only)

Master: Hjalmar J. Christofpen (Christophsen)

Stanley Henry Thornton, S2c

Russell Benjamin Ditmyer, S2c


SS Bellingham

Master: H.C. Willis

Willard W. Brown, LT(jg), AGO*

Francis P. Perret, AS*

Albert O. Yingling, AS*

Lewis W. Kroeger, AS*

Leland Hall, AS*

Andrew O. Mathson, AS*

Ernest E. Grandey, S2c*

Charles C. Harris, AS*


SS Benjamin Harrison

Master: E.J. Christensen

Paul W. Thompson, Ensign, AGO*

Frederick Lee Vessell, Cox

Carlton Elbert Caruthers, S2c

Bert Dees, S2c

Robert Bruce Dick, S2c

John M. Dilleshaw, S2c

William Ernest Landolfi, S2c

Julian Herbert Hamrick, RM3c

Clayton Wayne Koonce, SM3c


SS Carlton

Master: Ragnvald (Ragnavald) Hansen

Richard M. Harris, Ensign, AGO

Charles Thomas Mulchy, S1c

Lloyd Edgar Miller, AS

John Lewis Moore, AS

Otto Made Paulsen, AS

Carl R. Thompson, AS

Richard Vaughan, AS

Troy T. Winters, AS

Robert Edward Thompson, AS

Theodore Kristjan Geir, S2c

William Wallace Williams, S2c


SS Christopher Newport

Paul M. Coy, Ensign, AGO

John O. Webb, AS

Hugh P. Wright, AS*

Paul H. Webb, AS*

Lawrence Whittington, AS

Dillard Williams, Jr., AS

Duel E. Dilley, AS

Arthur C. Holloway, AS

James T. Nixon, AS

Paul D. Warnell, SM2c


SS Daniel Morgan

Master: George T. Sullivan

Morton E. Wolfson, Ensign, AGO*

Senua Trahan, AS*

Eli P. Bourg, AS*

Milton G. Casey, AS*

Edward J. Anderson, AS*

Thomas E. Brown, AS*

Merlin G. Houdeshell, AS*

Elden S. Kirby, AS*

Maurice E. Larson, AS*

William A. Schilbe, GM3c*

John W. Gannon, AS*

Francis L. Duncan, S2c*

Allan A. Thompson, S2c*


SS El Capitan

Master: J. Thevik

Louis D. Marks, LT(jg), AGO*

Ward Leverne Gemmer, Cox*

Leonard Levear Cutchins, S2c

Melvin Wesley Duff, S2c

George Burke Dailey, S2c

Harold John James, S2c

Donald Eugene Roberts, S2c

Pasquale Angelo Romano, S2c

Virgil Joseph Shelby, S2c

Joseph Donald Leahy, RM2c*

Floyd Eugene Richards, SM1c*


SS Fairfield City (comms detachment only, British gunners were used)

Master: Leon E. Walters

Lee Timmons, SM3c

Cicero Cornelius Sutton, RM 3/c

British gunners:

H. King

A. Smith

F.D. Nield

A. Bailey


SS Honomu (comms detachment only)

Master: Frederick A. Strand

Troy Spencer Canoy, S2c

James Joseph Yahner, S2c


SS Hoosier

Master: J. Holzgren (or Holmgren)

Wilfred L. Blackwell Jr., Ensign, AGO

Norval Clifton Kennedy, Cox

Harry Thomas, AS

Marion Arthur Thompson, AS

Joseph Arthur Tobin, AS

James Harry Traynor, AS

Ernest Julius Tscherter, AS

Robert Gaylord Tubre, AS

Richard William Union, AS

John Roy Fewry, SM3c

John Waldo Tillotson, S2c


SS Ironclad

Master: Philip Moore

William A. Carter, LT(jg), AGO*

Wayne Baker, Cox

Earl Harrison Crim, GM3c

Stanley Walkuski, RM2c

Francis H. Brummer, SM3c

John L. Stoudamire, S2c

Joseph G. Lanzillo, S2c

Robert L. Wilkerson, S2c

Lawrence G. Wilder, S2c

Johnny F. Wooten, S2c

David D. Bozard, S2c

Herbert A. Peterson, S2c


SS John Witherspoon

Master: John Clark

Rudolph Henry Kroetz, Ensign, AGO*

Arthur Latney Farmer, Cox*

Thomas Nightingale, AS*

Willie H. Phillips, AS*

Luther William Perdue, AS*

James William Pernell, AS*

Milton Parker, AS*

John Jacob Ours, AS*

Harry Jones Jr., AS*

Percy Leon Spann, S2c*

John Wallace McDole, S2c*


SS Olopana (comms detachment only)

Master: Mervyn C. Stone

Charles Walter Schultz, S2c

Edward Joseph Turk, S2c


SS Pan Atlantic

Master: J.O. Sieber (Siebert)

Charles Carroll, Ensign, AGO

Donald Ross Berg, AS

John Catalonga, AS

Donald Marion Clemans, AS

James Walter Dobie, AS

Dale Laurence Cosmell, AS

Dale Winstone Hardy, AS

Houston Rogers Hunter Jr., AS

Harry Andrew Wingers, AS


SS Pan Kraft

Master: Jacob Jacobsen

Harry M. Vawter Jr., Ensign, AGO

Kenneth Stewart Clasen, S2c

Robert David Dabinett, AS

Milton Edward Daduk, AS

William Marion Dean, AS

John Joseph Decker, AS

Walter Maxmillian McGee, S2c

Hazel Jerome Price, AS

Ray Kenneth Bailey, S2c

James Edwin Blackwell, S2c


SS Peter Kerr

Master: William H. Butler

Norbert Lewis Schwartz, Cox, AGO*

George Martin Conn Jr., AS

Thomas Bennett Dabbs, AS

Herbert Lee Helmick, AS

Robert Edison Mitchem, AS

Jasper Lee Nichols, S2c

Ernest Howard Peters, AS

Thomas Barksdale Redd Jr., AS

Joseph Edward Reeves, AS

Major Robert Lester, S2c

L.C. Page, RM3c


SS Samuel Chase (muster from immigration report, thus no ranks)

John E. Sexton, LT(jg), AGO

Robert Wolff

Gilbert William Harris

Jess Lawrence Jensen

Robert Alexander Donaghue

John James Dixon

Alfred Wolf

Edward Doyle

Tommy Charles Aiken

Pasco Buddy Enfield

James Joseph Jenkins

Luke Ernest Lefare


SS Silver Sword

Master: Peter Denos (or Clyde Colbeth)

Cecil Brown Daniel, Cox, AGO

Andrew Francis Covella, AS

Ralph Eugene Cox, AS

Albert Morris Dechaine, AS

Leo Julius DeClark Jr., AS

Clarence Henry DeLong, AS

Thomas Benton Dennison, AS

William Jean Bergman Dockery, S1c

William Darrel Flicker, AS

John Joseph Boyle, SM2c

Thomas Garrett Russell, S2c


SS Troubador

Master: George Jessen Cudrio Salvesen

Howard E. Carraway, Ensign, AGO*

Maurice Wayne Wilds, Cox

Thomas Edwin Berry, S2c

Albert Roney Busbin, S2c

Jesse Cleveland Brannen, S2c

Robert Lester Campbell, S2c

Charles Lee Wheatley, S2c

Richard Thomas Harris, S2c

William Raymond Lawson, S2c


SS Washington

Master: Julius Richter

Charles M. Ulrich, Ensign, AGO*

Emmet Dotson Anderson Jr., AS*

George Clifford Cooper, S2c*

Albert DeLloyd Friday, AS*

William Thomas Harkins, AS*

Paul Oscar Lessard, AS*

Arthur McDonald Jr., S1c*

James Nathan Guyton Jr., S2c*

Robert Glenn Henderson, S2c*

SS William Hooper

Master: Edward L. Graves

Brian G. Welch, Ensign, AGO*

Quinten D. Culbertson, AS

Filiberto Contrerras, AS

Eugene Cleveland, AS

Herman J. Disrud, AS

Herman G. Houghins, AS

Robert I. Harland, AS

Bernard W. Meier, AS

Lester W. Mitchell, AS

Forest James Mewforth, AS

Robert M. Mitchell, AS

Steven H. Dahms, AS

Lawrence H. Heinaman, AS


SS Winston Salem

Master: William Lovegreen       

Robert Chitrin, Ensign, AGO

Earl Eugene Lewis, Cox

Raymond William Brinson, AS

Thomas John Grogan, AS

Norvin James Hampton, AS

Eugene Joseph Heusel, AS

Lester Kanefsky, AS

Richard Joseph Hynes, AS

Jacob Dykstra, AS

Charles Abner Parker, SM3c

Judson Dorsey Dukes, S2c


Convoy PQ-18                         7-21 Sept. 1942


SS Africander

Master: Bjorne Lia

Kenneth W. Tipping, Ensign, AGO*

George Arthur Chaffin, AS

Leonard Donald Howard, AS

Morton Watson Howard, AS

Harry Matthew Jackson, AS
Henry Raymond Jenks, AS

James Erastus King Jr., AS

Leo Joseph Solis, AS

Stanchfield Wright, AS

Antonio Dias Lima Jr., RM3c

Edgar Eugene Nall, SM3c


SS Campfire

Master: Harry F. Ryan*

Daniel J. Rooker, Ensign, AGO*

Francis Charles Capobianco, Cox

David Dean Roark, S2c

Frederick Donald Roberts, S2c

Donald Sherman Biggs, S2c*

Joe William Romero, S2c

Harold Chester Whitney, S2c

Miron Ernest Wonch, S2c

Gerhard Yekel, S2c

John F. Sullivan, S2c

John Freeborn Reed, SM3c

Audrain Harold Ostrander, S2c

Roswell Jacob Ortt, S2c

Albert Franklin Wohlers, S2c*


SS Charles R. McCormick

Master: Martin Muhrer

John P. Dolman, Ensign, AGO

Robert Crumley Hillman, Cox

Michael Peter Mazza, AS

Joseph James Nelson, AS

William Dudley Gattis, S2c

Hubert Branch Tucker, AS

Armond James Baroski, S2c

Clifton A. Bohall, AS

Harold R. Bonar, AS

Mario Piomonese, AS

Charles L. Pine, S2c

Philip Plavin, AS

Manuel F. Viegas, Cox

Elvis H. Webster Jr., AS

Robert Norris Schappacher, S2c

James Paul Waddell, S2c


SS Esek Hopkins

Stansel Edward DeFoe, LT(jg), AGO

Harry Ruggaber, AS

Bonner Earl Van Ness, S2c

James Joseph Walls, S2c

Leo Frank Watroba, AS

Charles Marion Watson, AS

Louis Charles Wauhob, S2c

Edward Theodore Weininger, S1c

Howard Carl Wheatley, AS

Walter Franklin Wormer, AS

Elmer Francis Zila


SS Exford

Master: Roy A. Ulrich

John H. Currant, Cox, AGO*

Walter Charles Goldschmidt (Goldsmith), S2c

Jack Summers, S2c

Wallace I. Compton, AS

Loyd H. Fleming, AS

Merle M. Nelson, S2c

Frydrik Francis Niedzialkosky (Niedzialkawcki), AS

Raymond L. Novak, AS

Hudson C. Pelton


SS Hollywood (comms detachment only)

Edward Walter Scott, SM3c

George Frederick Shanley, S2c


SS John Penn

Master: Alvin Johnson

Blake C. Howard, Ensign, AGO*

Harvey McDermott, Cox

Otto Bucholz Jr., AS

Lyle L. Ensign, AS

Joseph A. Meis, AS

James C. Mattingly, AS

Virgil O. Mathile, AS

Berbert L. McDonald

John Miller, AS

John T. Mikots, AS

Argonne McCown, AS

Thomas O. Brouhard, Jr., AS

Donald N. McCleary, AS

Leland Samuel Sharrock, Cox

Albert R. Ritchie, S2c

Francis Thomas Fenney, AS

George Delroy Field, AS

Winifred Gordon Tommas, AS

Bob Dean Triplett, AS

Charles E. Underwood, AS

Louis John Vigh, As

Raymond Leslie Vitatoe, AS

Elmer Arthur Voss, AS

Martin A. Adams Jr., S2c

Charles Sheldon Aldrich, S2c

Lee Ralph Baxter, S2c


SS Kentucky

Master: R.P. Child

William Farrar, Ensign, AGO*

Ernest Richard Barclay, AS

Robert William Beine, AS

Melvin Lewis Bradley, AS

Louis George Finch, Cox

Paul Francis Gallagher, RM3c

Carl Ernest Jewell, S2c

Jack Parker, AS

Preston Oren Peet, S2c

James E. Peiffer, AS

Neil Lisha Raymond, AS

Renald Raymond Stroud, AS

Estel Harding Webb, AS

John F. Booker, AS


SS Lafayette

Master: A.J. Guider

George B. Lennig, LT(jg), AGO*

Harry Madison Gossman, BM2c*

Floyd Burl Temple, AS

Junior Wishon, AS*

Bernard Aloysius Malloy, RM3c*

Edward Mathias Cameron, AS

Clyde Morris Strohmyer, AS

Floyd Marvin Tatro, AS

Delmar Leon Thomas, AS

Jewell Raney Thomas, AS

Robert Martin Trevett, AS

Robert Lewis Vadovich, AS

Hubert Madden Foley, S2c

Angello Joseph Martolell, AS

Michael Peter Mazza, AS

Robert Emmett McCarty, AS

Elmo Lossen Parkerson, S2c


SS Macbeth

Master: J.R. Wright

Charles Haskell Gibbs, Ensign, AGO

Francis Eugene Warren, Cox

Arvid Enock Anderson, AS

Theodore Franklyn Baird, AS

George Anthony Bancroft, AS

Raymond Frances Bebout, AS

Tillman Timple Blackman, S2c

John Bomgarrs, AS

Harold Loyd Cable, AS

Jerry David Liggett, RM3c

Leo Marion Jobe Jr., AS


SS Mary Luckenbach

George Bradford Patterson, LT(jg), AGO

George Glenn Ayers, S1c

John William Baker, S2c

Lockwood Leonard Butler, BM2c

Nelson Alvin Cannon, S1c

John Thomas Fowler, GM3c

George Grenuk, GM3c

Josephus Kelly, S2c

James Deorius Kersey, S2c

Robert Paul Kirby, S2c

Herhel (Hershel?) Thomas Lane, S1c

William Edward Lenderman, S2c

Alvin Lindsay Jr., S2c

Joseph Vincent Mastroianni, S1c

Daniel C. McLaughlin, S2c

Curtis Preston Mitchell, S2c

Charlie Gray Morgan, S2c

Charles Eugene Precht, S1c

Dominic Peter Scichitaro, S2c

Elmer Leroy Shauck, S2c

William Alfred Smith, Cox

Thomas Elmer Strange, SM3c

Edward Joseph Turk, S2c

Robert Dean Wolf, S1c

Vernon Marcello King, S2c


SS Meanticut

Master: S.B. Ellis

Maclyn W. Wickersham, LT(jg), AGO

Robert William Higgins, S1c

John Leonard Hardy, AS

Warren Eugene Howell, AS

Francis Edward Hughes, AS

Arden Jackley, AS

Barrett B. Jackeuny, AS
Fred Swindell Byars, AS

Joseph Louis Desonia, AS

Harold Ray Carrier, AS

Orville Ray Case, AS

Kenneth Earl Carlyle, AS

Jacob Brouwer, AS

John Walter Bloomquist, AS

Vernon Theodore Bovee, AS

William Hardy Pearson Jr., AS

Donald Matthue Klaren, AS

Albert Hibbert Dancy, S1c


SS Nathaniel Greene

Master: George A. Vickers

Roy Murray Billings, LT(jg), AGO*

Alexander LaGue, BM2c*

Norman Erwin Hyams, Cox*

Clarence H. Marihugh, S2c*

Leo Carl Fadda, S2c

Carleton Phillips, S2c

Tatum Wesley Vaughan, S2c

Robert F. Vaughn, S2c

Gordon Edwin Waldrop, S2c

James Carl Walker, S2c

Woodie Joe Walthall, S2c

Charles Edgar Walters, S2c*

Harold Ralph Watson, S2c

James Joseph McGeever, S2c

Richard Gualt McLaughlin, S2c

Wallace Reed McPaul, S2c

Charles Francis Maloney, S2c

Robert Theodore Mantz, S2c


SS Oliver Ellsworth

John F. Kelly, LT(jg), AGO

Willis Gordon Murran, Cox

Joseph James Baia, AS

Robert Jackson Cox, S2c

Charles Richard Cronk, S2c

David Holman Dahlin, S2c

Thomas Eugene Davis, S2c

Woodrow Earl Davis, S2c

Henry Irven Degraw, S2c

Francis Michael Gilroy, S2c

Craven Leroy Kleve, S2c

James Clifford Moore, S2c

Wade Roy Morgan, S2c

Orlan Silas Osboe, S2c

Chester Jack Pogodzinski, S2c

Walter Francis Polubinski, S2c

Thomas Kennon Price Jr., AS

Steve John Raica, S2c

Charles Ratz, S2c*

Henry Schoenfelder, AS

Sebastian James Seria, AS

George Patrick Sine, AS

Henry Joseph Slamiak, AS

Thomas William Smith, S2c

Charles Sanders Willings, S2c

John Alexander Thompson, S2c


SS Oregonian

Master: Harold W. Dowling

William R. Kirby, Ensign, AGO*

Arthur Leslie Adler, Cox*

Walter Ahramovich, AS

Philip Henry Allen, AS

Robert George Bailey, AS

Clifford Edward Allen, AS

Robert William Ballman, AS

Lloyd Richard Weeks, AS*

Edward Michael Whelan, AS

William P. Jackway, S1c

William H. Mayer, AS

Elmer S. Miller, AS

Samuel Monk Jr., AS

Chester Tomaselli, SM3c


SS Patrick Henry

Blake Hughes, LT(jg), AGO*

John Andrew Batinsky, Cox

Seth Thomas, AS

Chester Milton Wallace, AS

William Carlvan Turner, AS

William Joseph Turejano (Turegano), AS

James Williams, AS

Lawrence Jefferson Thornborough, AS

Robert Lee Taylor, AS

Charles Edward Bieber, S2c

George William Aliff, S2c

Paul Franklin Ballew, S2c

Charles William Clark, S2c

Leo Edward Crimmenga, S1c

Herman Duane Lewer, AS

Walter Frank Lubas, AS

Virgil Franklin McElveen, AS

Elmer Clarence Marvin Jr., AS

Milton Oscar Parker, AS

Curtis Randolph Pierce, AS

Jerry Blaze Waller, S2c

Charles Raymond Ward, S2c

Raymond Woodrow Wilson, S2c

David Wesling Michael, AS


SS Sahale

Master: A.J. Johannessen

Thomas Dale Carter, Ensign, AGO*

Henry Lamar Webb, Cox

Leonard Joseph Seymour, Cox

Joseph John Marczak, S2c

Robert James Shreeve, S2c

Nathan Hubert Corbin, S2c

Ralph Carral Cornmesser, S2c

Joseph Thomas Gentile, S2c

Douglas Hayman Gibson, S2c

Marvin Emary Gutridge, S2c

James England Head, S2c

Elvis Leo Roberts, S2c

Harvey Francis Taylor, S2c

Claudis Glen Teal, S2c


SS Schoharie       

Master: John Tryg

Albert Maynard, Ensign, AGO*

Leslie Carrell Alexander, AS

Emerson Pearce Ashton, AS

Dagnal Lilton Beasley, AS

Sherman Addison Bosley, As

Ralph Browning, AS

Aubrey Thomas Bruffy, AS

Calvin Clark Craig, AS

John Leven Wales, AS

Paul John Coury, S2c

Harry Steele Fry, S2c


SS St. Olaf

Wesley Norton Miller, LT(jg), AGO*

Irving John Nord, AS

Denvir Joseph O’Brien, AS

Kenneth Orr, AS

Harry Edward Pankau, AS

Douglas Lee Parrish, AS

Walter Merle Pattinson, AS

Halver Ogal Patton, AS

John Lawery Watson, S1c

Robert “E” Lee Watson, S2c

John Raymond Weber, AS

George Eugene Jorgensen, S2c

Harry Holder Grace, Jr., Cox

Robert Keith Eaton, AS

Albert William Edwards, AS

Edward Vincent Engles, AS

George Scott Dobbs, AS

Patrick Joseph Doner, AS

Henric Matthew Drzymala, AS

Dale Hansen Dunn, AS

Woodrow Dunn, AS

Herschell Leroy Gragg, AS


SS Virginia Dare

John Landers Laird, LT(jg), AGO*

John H. Harshaw, Ensign (Passenger)

Leo Grant Palmer, BM2c

Dorsey Austin Standefer, Cox

George Cecil Goddard, S1c*

Rex Eldon Robertson, S2c*

Lambert Eisso Reitsma, S2c

William Melvin Fraxier, S2c

Elmer Henry Layette, S2c

Winford Norwood Richardson, S2c

Donald Quentin Wardell, S2c

Alfred Eugene Richards, S2c

Arthur David Garvis, S2c

Frank C. Gay, S1c*

John Preston Gladson, S1c

Patrick Henry Gates Jr., S2c

Arthur Lee, S2c

Lawrence Buddy Roach, S2c

Felix Edward Rey, S2c

Cecil Billy Graff, S1c*

Paul Francis Lendman, S2c

Michelo Anthony Inguagiato, S1c

Gerard Edwin Ward, S1c

Arthur Leonard Haubert, S1c

Thomas James Fournier, S2c

John Henry Harmon, S2c*


SS Wacosta

Stanley C. Dalbec, LT(jg), AGO

Loys Pearl Bass, AS

Alland I. Malthrus, Cox

Cecil Frederick Collins, AS

Fred Preston Cown, AS

Lawrence Samuel Jackson, AS

Otis Lee Sims, AS

Costell Daniel Sturgill, AS

George Henry Thornburg

Leon Thomas Baldewicz, S2c

Clarence Russel Lockwood, S2c

August Uphoff Bohmer, AS

Vernon Burns, AS


SS White Clover             

Master: Julius W. Lintlom*

Boyd S. Upchurch, LT(jg), AGO

David Lawrence Crossetti, Cox

Francis Russell Andrews, AS

Francis Lavaughn Thorpe, AS

Charles Arthur Hart Jr., AS

Kenneth Melvin Hathaway, AS

Robert Frank Meyer, AS

James Houston Stutts, AS

Charles David Roberts, AS

Charles Kenneth Shearer, S2c


SS William Moultrie

Master: Charles L. Curtis

Jeremiah Ehret Mahoney, Ensign, AGO*

Raymond Albert More, S2c

Happy Howard Miles, AS

Earnest B. Moore, AS

Tex Lee Malone, AS

Richard Lowe, AS

Lester Odell Henson, AS

Oral Bley Hallows, AS

Kyle Kinsel Kelley, AS

Omer Lester West, AS

John Henry Buckner, AS

Elmer Russell Hartgrave, AS

Fred Oliver Tittle, AS

William Robert Abbott, Cox*

Edward Joseph Conway, S2c

Hasten Leland Crim, AS

John Paul Koss, AS

Stanley Vernon Leifait, AS

Timothy Benedict Lenihan, S2c

Donald Eugene Smith, AS

Raymond Phillip Tapscott, AS

Gordon Otis Thurston, AS

William Eugene Turner, AS

Peter Gene Wanson, AS

James William Bragg Jr., S1c

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